Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hair Removal

It's a plucky subject for most people. Whether you shave, wax, sugar, pluck, or go through electrolysis it's still a pain. I myself have used all the above methods except the latter. I even tried the buffing technique, where it's almost like sanding your body hair off with sandpaper! I gave it a try because my husband had bought it to remove some of his body hair. It was definitely different, that's for sure. There was a little sanding pad that you would strap onto your hand and rub it on your body in a circular motion. Then you would rub, and rub, and rub, and then rub some more. The hair would ball up and then you'd have to brush it away. It seemed to work pretty well but it took a very long time. I forgot to time it and see how long it took for the hair to grow back in.

One method I for sure do not want to try is an epilator machine. Perhaps these days the're more advanced and streamlined, but I know the last time I saw one it was like a huge coil, almost like a Slinky toy but thinner, attached to a hand-held machine that plugged in to an electrical outlet. You would switch it on then run it across any hairy parts on your body where you wanted to remove the hair. The coil would then grab onto the hair and yank it out. This just sounded way too painful. I remember watching commercials on TV for it and shreiking in pain just from watching the animated demonstration. Even if it were effective, I think I'd still be scared to use it.
I'll stick to shaving, thanks. I might even give these Hair Removal creams a try. They seem to be very promising. I'm very lucky and I don't have a lady moustache on my upper lip. Once in awhile, a single hair will grow from what used to be a mole near my bottom lip. When that happens, I just pluck it.

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