Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fun Family Research! To think about all those hours I spent with a pen and posterboard mapping out my family tree. Check out ZOOOF, The Family Network and build your interactive flash family tree online - FREE!
The guys with the plan are Jean-Paul Busker and Stefan Leenen from Amsterdam (in the Netherlands) who want you to forget the six degrees of separation and concentrate on the REAL degrees.

ZOOOF has been in beta since last month and the beta stage will last until Valentine's Day. Got family secrets to hide? No problem! There's a treasure chest for safekeeping. More tools are made available to you depending on the number of counrties you unite with your family ties. Just check out these screenshots:

If you want a sneak peek NOW just simply e-mail the following information to invite(at)zooof(dot)com:
E-mail address

this is a paid post

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