Saturday, January 13, 2007

I Work from Home. Over the summer, my sister gave me some information on the idea of affiliate marketing. I saw this as a great opportunity to work and make money at home so I began building websites and blogs on topics that I have a passion for and along the way I have come across some great money-making opportunities, such as blogging for bucks with PayPerPost. I really enjoy being able to blog about certain topics and then see some extra money in my PayPal account. I will take all that money that I'm earning on PPP and put it towards savings. (I just went to a presentation by a Financial Planner this morning and made the decision then and there to put that money away for safekeeping.) So far my account reads that I'll be paid $40 and I've only been with the program for a very short time. Plus, my blog doesn't have a high page rank so I can't partake of all the posting opportunities available. However, once I get to 10 posts, I think it is, I'll be able to add some of my other blogs to the program and utilize those blogs for posting. That will be great because I like to post about things that don't stray too far away from the theme of the blog. With this being a blog about Skin Care and Beauty, I have been including posts about health and fitness because they pretty much go hand in hand.

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