Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sunny, Funny, Florida! Being of European descent, I have a real zest for travel. Perhaps it's because so much vacation time is given. That's why you'll often encounter tons of tourists from Europe and some other overseas countries. My first visit to Florida was during a race my husband participated in near Lake Okeechobee. It was early Spring and still quite chilly at night although the days were warm and bright. My next trip to Florida was near a property in Orlando in December of 2000 when I drove there to visit my husband at school. My office was closed the whole week of Christmas, so I headed South and spent ten fun-filled days in wonderful Florida. What a great place to be when it was so cold back home up North. We even made a trip over to Tampa to visit his uncle. It was hard to leave this beautiful state and make the long drive back home. I hope to spend more time in Florida this coming summer.

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