Friday, January 19, 2007

Blood Diamond. OK, so what do I know about diamonds? I know they’re a girl’s best friend. I know they come from coal that has been under high pressure conditions for many, many years and I know that I have not seen the movie “Blood Diamond” yet because I don’t like the way Leonardo DiCaprio’s accent sounds when I see ads for the movie. I don’t think I could sit through a whole two hours of that. It just sounds so faked to me. Maybe I’ll wait until the DVD comes out and watch it with Spanish subtitles so I can brush up on my Espanol.

The Four C’s of Diamonds are: Cut, clarity, carat and – wait, I can’t remember the last one. Oh yeah, it’s Color! How could I have forgotten that?! Diamonds are no fun when they’re yellowish.

One disturbing thing I’ve heard about diamonds are that they are mined, cut and polished by children in horrific conditions on the African continent. If that's true then that's quite disturbing. The kids who mine them at Crater of Diamonds state park in Arkansas are mining them for fun, and many large diamonds have been found there. The most recent being on December 31st by a resident of Arkansas who found a 2.37-carat white diamond, the 4th largest diamond of the 486 diamonds found at the Park in 2006.

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