Friday, February 23, 2007

Skin Burns and Treatment. I remember hearing to apply butter on affected areas if you burn yourself in the kitchen. Turns out that's not the best thing to do after all. Click here for first aid for burns to the skin. Burns from steam, splattered oil and grease, and hot pots and pans are really painful, so be careful while cooking.
For sunburns, click here for first aid and treatment info. Of course the best way to treat sunburns is not to get them at all. Stay out of those tanning beds too! I know, I know, they are very relaxing and it's so soothing to lay in there and listen to tunes. It's such a disappointment when the bed shuts off letting you know the session is over. I tanned in a bed for maybe a year or so and then gave it up. It's far too dangerous and now I opt for the tan in a can or fake and bake. Those products have come a long way and will NOT leave you looking orange or overcooked. Click here to learn how to prevent sunburns, which can often lead to skin cancer.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Support Local Bands. Years ago I did a lot of rock journalism and photography. I paid a visit to the famous Sunset Strip in Hollywood and saw all these bands out on the sidewalks, handing out flyers and pressing the flesh. I figured right then and there that I would do what I could to help local bands, as a lot of the ones I saw in the clubs could give some of the well-known national acts a real run for their money.
I didn't deal a whole lot with Reggae Bands because we concentrated on more of the hard rock and metal artists.
I was on support teams for Alice in Chains (Rest In Peace, Layne Staley!) as well as Firehouse and Slaughter. All three bands saw a great degree of success and that made me proud. In fact, I remember seeing Alice in Chains at a local club with a capacity of maybe 350, and then a month later they were on a national tour and I had a photo pass to shoot them at the San Diego Sports Arena. That was a fabulous experience!
If you believe in your local unsigned bands, then help and support them. You never know...

Fine Lines around Mouth. To help combat fine lines in the skin around your mouth area, skip the drinking straws and stick to a regular cup. Also, if you're a smoker, kick that habit. Pursing your lips to smoke or sip from a straw will cause those fine lines.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Review My Blog.
If you're not a fan of blog ads you can still earn money, increase traffic and interest in your site through PayPerPost's brand new Review My Post program. It will pay you every time someone signs up and reviews a post on your blog. How simple is that?!

The Review My Post program is open to all bloggers. Like I said before, it's great for bloggers who aren't interested in having sponsored posts on their blog. All that's needed is to simply add this badge at the end of the post.
It will bring in some easy money AND help build traffic to your blog - no additional effort required.

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Just as I described above, you’ll have to register with PayPerPost in order to review one of my posts. I think the PPP staff have to accept your blog into the system so the rules I listed above will still apply, but they've said that they'll approve new blogs for the Review My Post program quickly, so you won’t have to wait too long to review my post and make some quick and easy money. Looks like the initial review will pay you $7.50!

Valentine's Day. So how did you do? I'm just glad all the sappy diamond jewelry and dating site commercials have stopped airing on T.V. Not to mention the goofy singing stuffed animals that are your gift with purchase of greeting cards. I'm glad it will be a whole year before we have to look at that stuff again.
I received the usual kisses, candy, card and cuddling. It is a very romantic holiday after all.
Skin Care Blogging. In addition to writing about skin care, makeovers and glamour, I like to make money blogging about a few other things that are close to my heart and topics I'm interested in, such as health and fitness. I do this with PayPerPost. They offer for sale to companies write-ups in blogs about their product or service and only charge them a 35% service fee. Bloggers get to write about things they like and the brand new segmentation system they're offering awards bloggers with high traffic blogs. You could make $1000 for a single sponsored post!

PayPerPost makes sense for both high traffic and lower traffic bloggers alike. Mine is a Google PR4, but it was a O up until last month (January) and I just started blogging in July. Plus, if you run a search on, you'll see my blog right there on top if you search for skin care expert or skin care and glamour. It's pretty cool! It's just ahead of even GLAMOUR magazine. Wow! Now I'm working on obtaining those same results on the Yahoo!, Ask and Google search engines.

Why not earn some cash for blogging? You'll be blogging either way, so you might as well be making money with it. It's painless and fun.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wrap-Around Sunglasses. It's important to wear sunglasses that wrap around because they cover the temple area and help to minimize fine lines and crow's feet in the outside corners of your eyes. Here are some examples:

Friday, February 09, 2007

Skin Donations for Burn Patients.
It seems that contrary to popular belief, folds of skin removed from former morbidly obese patients cannot be used for patients in burn units who are in need of replacement skin tissue. Unfortunately, the skin has lost all of it's elasticity, is too thin, has poor circulation and is overstretched.
Healthy skin tissue that can help burn patients is easily obtained from recently expired cadavers, and through modern science, skin can even be regenerated.
Click here to learn more about how you can become a tissue donor.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Monday, February 05, 2007

The OTHER special occasion on February 14th. Not only is it Valentine's Day on the 14th, but beautiful 2005 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girl Carolyn Murphy and friends will hit the newsstands in the latest issue of this always top-selling publication. It's the 43rd annual edition and it features beautiful, glamourous, tanned and toned supermodels with great skin, perfect makeup and awesome hair sporting some of the hottest swimsuits imaginable and posing in exotic locations all over the globe.
Cellphone wallpapers straight from the photo shoots for the magazine are available for just $1.99 at so you can see the likes of Victoria's Secret model Heidi Klum, Marisa Miller, Ana Beatriz Barros, tennis star Maria Sharapova and Molly Sims right on your mobile phone, on all major wireless carriers. There are over 50 different models to choose from.
Classic SI-SI (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue) cover girl wallpapers from past years are also featured on the site! Three-time cover girl Elle Macpherson ('87, '88, '94) and Kathy Ireland ('92, '94) are featured on downloadable wallpapers. SI Mobile users can also download video clips from the photo shoots, "video ringers" (ringtones with video), animated screensavers and more.
Log on, download and join the fun of this year's swimsuit issue. Pictures of those hot bods and beach scenes will help you guys out there stay warm during this record-breaking cold winter we're having.

this is a paid post
Pollution is bad for your skin. One of the reasons it's good to wear foundation is that it helps keep environmental pollutants from getting into your skin. Let's also do what we can to cut down on pollutants. Visit Stop Global Warming dot org and see what you can do to help reduce your carbon footprint. One thing I did this weekend is to seal up cracks around doors and windows where cold air was coming in, to help keep my heating bills down. I also installed 5 compact fluorescent lightbulbs in place of the regular ones I had been using. They're a bit more expensive and they resemble a corkscrew, but they last a very long time and are very energy efficient! Apparently if every American family switched out 5 bulbs as I have done, it will be the equivalent of removing 8 million cars from our roadways. Let's get to it and cut down on pollution! Your skin will thank you.