Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hair Removal

It's a plucky subject for most people. Whether you shave, wax, sugar, pluck, or go through electrolysis it's still a pain. I myself have used all the above methods except the latter. I even tried the buffing technique, where it's almost like sanding your body hair off with sandpaper! I gave it a try because my husband had bought it to remove some of his body hair. It was definitely different, that's for sure. There was a little sanding pad that you would strap onto your hand and rub it on your body in a circular motion. Then you would rub, and rub, and rub, and then rub some more. The hair would ball up and then you'd have to brush it away. It seemed to work pretty well but it took a very long time. I forgot to time it and see how long it took for the hair to grow back in.

One method I for sure do not want to try is an epilator machine. Perhaps these days the're more advanced and streamlined, but I know the last time I saw one it was like a huge coil, almost like a Slinky toy but thinner, attached to a hand-held machine that plugged in to an electrical outlet. You would switch it on then run it across any hairy parts on your body where you wanted to remove the hair. The coil would then grab onto the hair and yank it out. This just sounded way too painful. I remember watching commercials on TV for it and shreiking in pain just from watching the animated demonstration. Even if it were effective, I think I'd still be scared to use it.
I'll stick to shaving, thanks. I might even give these Hair Removal creams a try. They seem to be very promising. I'm very lucky and I don't have a lady moustache on my upper lip. Once in awhile, a single hair will grow from what used to be a mole near my bottom lip. When that happens, I just pluck it.

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Valentines Day Gifts
If you're still searching for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your sweetheart, please allow me to offer some assistance. Visit this link for my Spa and Aromatherapy gift sets which make a perfect romantic gift for the most romantic of all holidays, Valentine's Day.
Credit Card Debt Consolidation
I went through this process some years back and while it was painful then, it's so great to be debt-free now. You have no idea what a relief it was when I made the final payment. Then again, I remember they accidentally deducted the regular payment amount the month after the final payoff as well. That took some time to get sorted out but they did me right and all is well.
Being a teenager with two credit cards was lots of fun, until it came time to join the workforce and pay down those balances, which is impossible to do if you're just paying the minimum amount. I even once took a cash advance from one card to make the payment on the other. Ouch! Learn from my mistakes and don't ever get into big Credit Card Debt. It is a downward spiral that took a long time to get out of.
What helped so much was to go to a Credit Card Debt Management place and have them work out payment arrangements with the debtors so that you can have a fixed low monthly payment and get all those cards paid off. For me it took 5 years and it was a struggle, but I never would have made it had I not consolidated that debt.

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Jewels Bangles and Baubles!
I have added the title of Jeweler to my repertoire! I feel it complements my skin care and glamour business nicely. Makeup and Jewelry go hand in hand almost like peanut butter and jelly. My catalogs should be arriving any day now, so if you'd like to receive a copy of one, please e-mail me and I'll zip one right out to you. Note: The pictures in the catalog often don't do the pieces justice. It's hard to show sparkly, even on glossy paper.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sunny, Funny, Florida! Being of European descent, I have a real zest for travel. Perhaps it's because so much vacation time is given. That's why you'll often encounter tons of tourists from Europe and some other overseas countries. My first visit to Florida was during a race my husband participated in near Lake Okeechobee. It was early Spring and still quite chilly at night although the days were warm and bright. My next trip to Florida was near a property in Orlando in December of 2000 when I drove there to visit my husband at school. My office was closed the whole week of Christmas, so I headed South and spent ten fun-filled days in wonderful Florida. What a great place to be when it was so cold back home up North. We even made a trip over to Tampa to visit his uncle. It was hard to leave this beautiful state and make the long drive back home. I hope to spend more time in Florida this coming summer.

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Glamour's Big Book of Do's and Don'ts

Another great resource. This book has been out for a few months, but I had gotten so behind in my reading I hadn't had a chance to look at it until now. Grab your copy today!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rock and Roll!
If you've been reading this blog for any length of time you're aware that in addition to beauty, glamour, skin care, manicures, pedicures and makeovers I'm also into football. I know, I know, odd combination. I'm also really big into music and I love to sing. Singers typically write songs, as I have done. Next year I'll have to submit some of my work and see if I can be one of the We Are Listening song contest winners. Go to their site NOW! Check out this year's entrants, vote for and download your favorite. There are three winners who will soon get to go to London and work in a famous studio with the legendary Steve Williams who has been a producer for artists like Sting, Seal and Eric Clapton! Did I mention the winners also get luxury accomodations at a five star hotel? I'm definitely entering this one next year! For those of you who are ready now, there's still a little over a month left to submit your work and have it heard.

We Are Listening is a London-based company, providing professional opportunities for up-and-coming musicians worldwide. Their site includes a great blog which contains some nice music industry nuggets. Also, either they're really good with PhotoShop or they have their own airplane complete with artwork and logos. It's a very large plane, too - we're not talking Cessna here.
The Link Boutique on their site has a great list of featured artists including one that opened for Bon Jovi here in DC not too long ago in front of 15,000 fans and aired on FOX and CNN.
Visit the Success Stories portion of their site so you can see for yourself that songwriting contests really do work!
Go on and get yourself heard. Submit your song and who knows? Shoot for the moon and you'll land amongst the stars.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Humidify Your World. If you don't already have one, get a humidifier. It will greatly help you combat dry skin problems in winter, and it will help keep your heating bills down as well. My humidifier is a warm mist one, and it keeps my skin from drying out when I run the heaters in my house.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Beauty Basics At Face Value by R.L. Fielding

Last year, more than eight-point-seven-million people underwent cosmetic procedures to enhance what nature gave them, or didn’t. But experts tell us that Americans may be jumping into invasive procedures too quickly.

Despite the media coverage of makeover reality shows, the majority of Americans are not looking for extreme transformations. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, most of us want to look better, naturally, with 68-percent preferring a subtle change. And experts agree that looking your best could be accomplished at home for considerably less.

Dr. Linda Franks, a leader in the specialized skin care frontier, says “To get that timeless, healthy look you need to start with an appropriate skincare regime. Taking good care of your skin can stave off fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and even dry skin.”

Where to begin? At the sink! Doctors say whatever your skin type, the key is to cleanse it gently. Avoid hot water and use lukewarm instead, to prevent over-drying. And throw in the towel – traditional washcloths are too abrasive for the face, so use your hands and fingers.

Sixty-eight-percent of women claim to have sensitive skin which means dry, tight, chapped or easily irritated skin. Dr. Franks advises moisturizing regularly and avoiding harsh cleansers with ingredients such as fragrances, dyes and preservatives because sensitive skin is easily damaged and takes longer to recover.

If your skin is dry and easily irritated, don’t wash more than once a day. You may risk stripping the skin of its natural oils. Dr. Franks recommends looking for non-irritating cleansing washes that are soap-free, moisturizers that are light, oil-free, and water-based to help maintain the skin’s natural barrier. Another tip—make sure to choose a facial moisturizer with an SPF of at least 15, which protects against both UVB and UVA rays.

Skin sensitivity may also result from the third most common, non-surgical skincare procedure known as Microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a quick and easy, non-invasive procedure that helps to reveal healthier-looking skin by sweeping away dead skin cells. Dr. Franks reveals that, following the treatment, the best way to avoid irritation is by opting for an ultra-gentle cleanser and moisturizer.

A new clinical study shows that PURPOSE gentle cleansing wash and dual treatment moisture lotion with spf 15 are compatible with this procedure.

How else can you obtain optimal skin health? Here are some other healthy basics to keep your skin looking its best:

Dr. Franks says, “Exercise opens up blood vessels to make skin look healthy and youthful. It’s so important for healthy skin.” Regular cardiovascular exercise increases blood flow to the skin which assists in collagen production. Maintaining muscle mass through exercise can also help anchor and support skin, keeping it taut.

And drink up! At least eight, eight-ounce glasses of water a day are crucial for optimal skin hydration.

So before you sign on for an extreme and expensive makeover, just think back on some simple, beauty basics! You just might like what you see!

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Skin Care Online Schools
By Michael Bustamante

Online skin care schools offer courses for working adults to change a career or to advance an existing career. Skin care technicians (also known as Estheticians) are in demand in beauty salons, spas, and private practices.

Online distance learning skin care courses focus on the study of all aspects of skin; skin structure and natural health; and on skin conditions, treatments, and care. Online skin care programs teach basic biology, cellular components of skin, normal skin and adjoining systems, common dermatologic disorders (birth marks, acne, discoloration), skin diseases, and general routine components of good skin care.

Online courses in skin care may include discussions of skin layers (epidermis and dermis), immunology, skin infections, pigmentation, healing, hair and nails, cosmetics and beauty, skin biology, skin tumors, and more.

Online skin care schools offering programs of study can include tanning and dangers of tanning; camouflage of skin imperfections; aging and conditions of aging; diseases and treatments; and tips for seasonal skin treatment for healthy skin.

Generally, hands-on experience in laboratory course(s) may be required for certification or a degree in this field of study. Be sure to inquire whether certification or a degree in skin care is an option at your school of choice, and whether or not hands-on experience is a requirement for the particular skin care program of study.

If you are interested in learning more about Online Skin Care Schools and other types of schools, please search our site for more information and resources.

DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERAL OVERVIEW and may or may not reflect specific practices, courses and/or services associated with ANY ONE particular school(s) that is or is not advertised on

Copyright 2006 - All Rights Reserved
Michael Bustamante, in association with Media Positive Communications, Inc. for

Michael Bustamante is a staff writer for Media Positive Communications, Inc. in association with Find Colleges, Universities, Vocational Schools, and Online Schools at; your educational resource to locate schools.

Article Source:

Blood Diamond. OK, so what do I know about diamonds? I know they’re a girl’s best friend. I know they come from coal that has been under high pressure conditions for many, many years and I know that I have not seen the movie “Blood Diamond” yet because I don’t like the way Leonardo DiCaprio’s accent sounds when I see ads for the movie. I don’t think I could sit through a whole two hours of that. It just sounds so faked to me. Maybe I’ll wait until the DVD comes out and watch it with Spanish subtitles so I can brush up on my Espanol.

The Four C’s of Diamonds are: Cut, clarity, carat and – wait, I can’t remember the last one. Oh yeah, it’s Color! How could I have forgotten that?! Diamonds are no fun when they’re yellowish.

One disturbing thing I’ve heard about diamonds are that they are mined, cut and polished by children in horrific conditions on the African continent. If that's true then that's quite disturbing. The kids who mine them at Crater of Diamonds state park in Arkansas are mining them for fun, and many large diamonds have been found there. The most recent being on December 31st by a resident of Arkansas who found a 2.37-carat white diamond, the 4th largest diamond of the 486 diamonds found at the Park in 2006.

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The 100th Post! Wow, it's like our 100th episode, what a landmark. I've really enjoyed blogging here since July, offering up my knowledge and tips about skin care (or skincare), nail care, makeovers, glamour, sun wellness and everything else related to beauty (and sometimes health!) for those who seek information on those topics.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bladder Infections are no fun. You know what a health buff I am. I believe there are natural cures for everything and people need to get off the prescription meds because they are dangerous and do more harm than good. When I broke my finger last May I was prescribed an antibiotic, a pain pill and an anti-nausea pill (because I kept throwing up. You would too, if your finger looked like raw meat from having the fingernail removed!) I took one course of all those pills and then threw them out. Those pills threw me for such a loop that I wanted nothing more to do with them. I would rather have lost my finger to infection than pollute my system with any more of that garbage.

It was the same thing when I had a urinary tract infection about 7 years ago. First of all, the pills they gave me did terrible things to me. I even backed into a concrete piling while driving my husband's truck and wrinkled the bumper. Had to miss work and cancel a house-hunting appointment too because I was in so much pain. Oh how I wish I had known about d mannose back then! It's an all-natural glyconutrient without any harmful additives. Give it a try the next time you have any issues. You'll be glad you did.

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Monday, January 15, 2007

For Stronger and Longer Fingernails, think ZIP! Z stands for Zinc. Zinc is also good for fighting the common cold. If you can stand it, let a tablet dissolve under your tongue. It can be a bit bitter.
The I in ZIP stands for Iron. Make sure you get enough Iron. Many women suffer from iron deficiencies. No wonder we have trouble growing out our fingernails and maintaining their length.
P stands for Protein and I know that's a word you're familiar with. Make sure you're getting enough of it and then watch those fingernails grow!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Don't Prop Your Head Up with your hands when you are reading, watching TV, etc. All the germs and chemicals from items your hands come in contact with are things you do NOT want pressed up against your skin when you're relaxing. Make good use of those neck rolls and other pillows and keep your hands off your face.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I Work from Home. Over the summer, my sister gave me some information on the idea of affiliate marketing. I saw this as a great opportunity to work and make money at home so I began building websites and blogs on topics that I have a passion for and along the way I have come across some great money-making opportunities, such as blogging for bucks with PayPerPost. I really enjoy being able to blog about certain topics and then see some extra money in my PayPal account. I will take all that money that I'm earning on PPP and put it towards savings. (I just went to a presentation by a Financial Planner this morning and made the decision then and there to put that money away for safekeeping.) So far my account reads that I'll be paid $40 and I've only been with the program for a very short time. Plus, my blog doesn't have a high page rank so I can't partake of all the posting opportunities available. However, once I get to 10 posts, I think it is, I'll be able to add some of my other blogs to the program and utilize those blogs for posting. That will be great because I like to post about things that don't stray too far away from the theme of the blog. With this being a blog about Skin Care and Beauty, I have been including posts about health and fitness because they pretty much go hand in hand.
Speaking Engagement March 10th - Lip Care Clinic. I, along with my colleague Lisa Courtney will be teaching a lip care clinic at the next meeting of the Colonial Beach Women's Connection which will be taking place on Saturday, March 10th from 10am - noon at Wilkerson's Seafood Restaurant in Colonial Beach, Virginia. If you're interested in attending, e-mail me at katrinaprice[at]mail[dot]com. The cost is $14 payable at the door and includes brunch.

My other speaking engagement/clinic topics are:
Skin Care
Nail Care (Manicures and Pedicures)
Glamour Makeovers (Makeup application tips and instruction)
Sun Wellness (great for May - Nat'l Skin Cancer Awareness Month)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Jennifer Aniston's beauty secrets revealed! I'm told that on her hair, she uses SUDZZ FX Hair Treatments.
Jennifer uses SUDZZ FX Cashmere® Cleansing treatment to condition her hair. It's a gentle, non-damaging and non-stripping 100% Sulfate-Free cleansing system that's vegatable-derived.
It gently cleanses color-enhanced hair and maximizes color retention. For brittle/dry hair it's recommended that you use it daily to restore moisture balance in your hair.
Jennifer uses SUDZZ FX Aquafix to hydrate her hair, as a restorative treatment.
This is important to do, because chemical treatments, heated curlers/irons and blow dryers will all disrupt the moisture balance in your hair, resulting in unmanageable hair that is lifeless and dull.

To target and soothe, smooth and restore moisture deficiencies way down in the hair shaft, use SUDZZ FX Aquafix. It's a lightweight formula which contains honey (in a breakthrough non-sticky form) and leaves hair dazzling and completely manageable.

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Hurricane Katrina. It has not been fun being associated with one of the most powerful and destructive hurricanes ever to hit the U.S. At first it was kinda cool to have the same name as a hurricane. Katrina wasn't doing a whole lot, just skipping across southern Florida and causing the usual flooding and high winds. When Hurricane Katrina headed for Louisiana, things got a bit more exciting. However, streaming a local New Orleans news station on my computer the morning Hurricane Katrina hit, I quickly learned that this storm was more than anyone bargained for.

A day or two later, my phone number was mistakenly given out on the air at a press conference. I went to the store for 1 hour and when I got back I had 137 voicemail messages! My phone continued to ring off the hook and through speaking with some of the callers, I was able to find out the source of the press conference. I then began work to contact them and ask them to please stop airing the press conference where the incorrect number is given out. I was also able (after a couple of days) to find out the number that they meant to give out at the press conference so I changed my voicemail message and put that number on there. I also transcribed all the messages that people left and forwarded them on to the appropriate agency. Most of the callers were medical professionals wondering how they could be of help. A few of the calls were people wanting to take in people who had been displaced by the hurricane. Of course, there were some calls from frustrated people wondering why more wasn't being done to help the victims.

Here it is, a year and a half later and I still see calls on my phone bill from the 504 area code. Once in awhile I'll see the Houston, Texas area code on there as well which makes sense, as that's where a lot of the displaced residents headed. Thank goodness the Katrina name has been retired so that name will never be used for another hurricane.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Fun Family Research! To think about all those hours I spent with a pen and posterboard mapping out my family tree. Check out ZOOOF, The Family Network and build your interactive flash family tree online - FREE!
The guys with the plan are Jean-Paul Busker and Stefan Leenen from Amsterdam (in the Netherlands) who want you to forget the six degrees of separation and concentrate on the REAL degrees.

ZOOOF has been in beta since last month and the beta stage will last until Valentine's Day. Got family secrets to hide? No problem! There's a treasure chest for safekeeping. More tools are made available to you depending on the number of counrties you unite with your family ties. Just check out these screenshots:

If you want a sneak peek NOW just simply e-mail the following information to invite(at)zooof(dot)com:
E-mail address

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Magnifying Mirrors - Up Close and Personal. Do magnifying mirrors frighten you? They shouldn't. That's not how people will see you. Take a regular mirror, hold it at arms' length and look at yourself in the mirror. THAT'S the distance people will see you from and THAT'S how you appear to them. Click here to see a wide variety of mirrors, both lighted and non-lighted for home and travel as well as bath accessories.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Lead In Lipstick = Hoax. I get this e-mail from friends every now and then. If people would just check for the scoop before forwarding on these e-mails, there would be a lot less confusion. There's no lead in lipstick so grab your favorite shade and wear it in good health.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Amazing Before and After Makeover Pictures!
Click here for an amazing before and after makeover picture.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Check out the Health Blog Carnival. What a great resource for information on health, especially what with it being the New Year. It may help a lot of people keep those Resolutions to be healthier in 2007.
Bike to Get Fit and In Shape for the New Year

OK, I had a bad experience with bikes when I was younger. I was going down a hill and picking up speed when suddenly the “headshake” effect kicked in and my handlebars began wobbling from side to side and went out of control. After I came to, I remember yelling at my sister to ride home and go get mom. Luckily I was riding with my sister that day! I can’t imagine what would have happened if I had been by myself.
That was years ago and water under the bridge. Speaking of bridge, I had to have some bridgework done because they were not able to reattach my teeth that were knocked out in the accident.
But enough about that, already. That bike was of poor quality and probably possessed! We ended up giving it to the neighbors and their kid crashed on it too. I now love biking again. It’s a great form of exercise and it’s a lot of fun. OK, I know it’s January and not perfect weather for bike riding. Plan your summer vacation now to help you ward off the winter chills. Or, head for the beaches where it’s warm. A perfect way to enjoy the beach is a beach cruiser blog. I, myself prefer this model, being the San Diego Charger football fan that I am. Go Bolts!

Of course, that would be the bike my husband would ride because it’s a men’s bike.
Or, since he's really into motorcycles he might prefer this version that looks like a chopper. For myself, I think I’d choose the Urban Pro Lady model. Pink is where it’s at!

Which would you choose? There are so many different models which include a nice variety of styles and colors.
Have fun cruising the beach! Don’t forget to be good to your skin - pack your lip balm and sunscreen!

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A New Computer will be my next purchase. High-speed internet is being installed at my house next week and I'm afraid my existing computer won't be able to handle it. I'm thinking of going back to Mac. My very first computer was a Mac IIsi and I still have it somewhere. I think it still boots up, too. I also have a Power 6100/66 and that one was a freebie when the company I was working for shut down. Not bad, eh? Not for those days anyway.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Boise State Broncos Win! They are the winners of the big Fiesta Bowl football game in Arizona. I went and did some research after watching the game yesterday and their tremendous last-minute score over Oklahoma.

Boise, the capital of Idaho is becoming a hot area for congestion and quake-weary Californians as well as others seeking a better quality of life. The average daily temperature in Boise is 63 – sounds good to me! Known as the City of Trees, there are also mountains, deserts, dunes and whitewater rafting nearby. How perfect is that?

Boise has its share of cultural events too, with Ballet Idaho, Boise Art Museum and the Boise philharmonic orchestra, so you culture buffs will feel right at home in this great city. If you’ve got kids, take them to Zoo Boise for a fun day of edutainment.

I’m reminded of the rock band Def Leppard in an interview talk about a show they played in Boise and hearing them say the word Boise in their English accents. So cute!

Micron Technology is the major employer in Boise. Others include Hewlett-Packard, Wal-Mart, DirecTV and Wells Fargo. Looks like a nice three bedroom, two bath house will run you about $150K. See Boise real estate. Boise seems to be a great place to live, work and play!

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year! As I watch the Tournament of Roses Parade on TV, I recall how I once marched in the parade with my school band. Unfortunately, my bridgework was dislodged during a New Year's Eve pizza party and my friend's father who was a dentist made an unsuccessful attempt to reattach the teeth, so I marched the entire 5 1/2 mile parade route without playing a single note on my instrument. Not that I didn't want to, I was physically unable to without my front teeth. I try not to dwell on it, but every year when I watch the parade I can't help but be reminded of it. Being in the parade was a good experience nonetheless and remains one of my fondest memories.