Sunday, February 18, 2007

Support Local Bands. Years ago I did a lot of rock journalism and photography. I paid a visit to the famous Sunset Strip in Hollywood and saw all these bands out on the sidewalks, handing out flyers and pressing the flesh. I figured right then and there that I would do what I could to help local bands, as a lot of the ones I saw in the clubs could give some of the well-known national acts a real run for their money.
I didn't deal a whole lot with Reggae Bands because we concentrated on more of the hard rock and metal artists.
I was on support teams for Alice in Chains (Rest In Peace, Layne Staley!) as well as Firehouse and Slaughter. All three bands saw a great degree of success and that made me proud. In fact, I remember seeing Alice in Chains at a local club with a capacity of maybe 350, and then a month later they were on a national tour and I had a photo pass to shoot them at the San Diego Sports Arena. That was a fabulous experience!
If you believe in your local unsigned bands, then help and support them. You never know...

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