Friday, February 23, 2007

Skin Burns and Treatment. I remember hearing to apply butter on affected areas if you burn yourself in the kitchen. Turns out that's not the best thing to do after all. Click here for first aid for burns to the skin. Burns from steam, splattered oil and grease, and hot pots and pans are really painful, so be careful while cooking.
For sunburns, click here for first aid and treatment info. Of course the best way to treat sunburns is not to get them at all. Stay out of those tanning beds too! I know, I know, they are very relaxing and it's so soothing to lay in there and listen to tunes. It's such a disappointment when the bed shuts off letting you know the session is over. I tanned in a bed for maybe a year or so and then gave it up. It's far too dangerous and now I opt for the tan in a can or fake and bake. Those products have come a long way and will NOT leave you looking orange or overcooked. Click here to learn how to prevent sunburns, which can often lead to skin cancer.

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