Sunday, July 20, 2008

Skin Care and Diabetes

Diabetes can really mess up your skin. Up to 1/3 of people who have diabetes will at some point develop a skin disorder which will have been caused or affected by diabetes. A skin disorder can even be an early warning sign of diabetes. This link will give you tips on how to prevent diabetes from even happening in the first place. It's both preventable and reversible!

If you do have issues with your skin as a result of diabetes, there are some skin care steps you can take to help keep your skin healthy.

If the winters where you live are cold and dry, keep a humidifier handy.

Keep your skin clean and dry. Use talcum powder in areas where skin contacts skin, such as armpits and inner thighs as well as the groin area. Do not use feminine hygiene sprays, though.

Make sure the skin on your feet is healthy. Check the skin daily for sores and cuts. Wear flat shoes that fit well.

Avoid very hot baths and showers. If your skin is dry, don't take bubble baths. Try installing a shower filter, which can remove many skin-drying chemicals from your water.

Moisturize your skin to prevent chapping, and avoid scratching/itching your skin as this can foster skin infections.

See a dermatologist (skin doctor) about any skin problems you're not able to solve yourself.

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