Friday, September 22, 2006

Eyeshadow Tips for Different Eye Shapes

If you have a fuller, HOODED EYE: highlight the brow inside the hood using a light color, then take a midtone color and accent the lashline into the outer hooded area towards the brow.

WIDE SET eyes are when you have more than one eye space between them. Don’t put color on outer edge of the eye, you want to push them together and accent the inner eye.

SMALLER EYES (so much lid): Highlight the lid to open them up and give brighteness.

DEEP SET EYES: Bring the eye out to you. Don’t go too dark on the lid. Highlight the lid and contour above the crease. PUSH dry powder up where lashes grow (on the top lashes) to fill them in after one application of mascara to make the powder stick.

CLOSE-SET EYES: Less than one eye space apart. Highlight inside of lid to give the illusion that the eyes are farther apart. Apply accent or darker colors as far out as possible.

DROOPY EYES: They turn down at the outside corner. Concentrate mascara on inside and middle lashes to open up the eyes. Don’t do mascara on the outer lashes as you don’t want to accent the droopiness.

If you wear GLASSES: You don’t have to do darker colors because you wear glasses, you just need more intense color.
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