Monday, August 28, 2006

Tick Bite Leaves Red Mark

I was bitten by a tick on the chest area about 7 years ago and the red mark is still there. It's similar to this picture. Very annoying, as I'm not a fan of skin imperfections. After removing the tick I went to the doctor and got on antibiotics so I wouldn't get Lyme disease, or tick bite fever (rickettsia). I'm not a fan of drugs either so I didn't enjoy that treatment too much. My favorite tick removal tool is the De-Ticker because it's much easier to use than tweezers. Okay, so their theme song on the website is kinda hokey but the tool works! It allows complete removal of the entire tick. I bought mine at the Vet. Wish I had owned one 7 years ago when that other tick bit me. Might not have left a red mark.

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